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About us

Dear customers,

our production  program focuses on :


1/ Sanitary stainless and varnished furniture and equipment

- Drip stands, instrument stands, examination and rehabilitation couches, sterilizing carriages, setting sterilization tables, bedside lockers, hydraulic and height-adjustable instrument stands, UNI stands, hydraulic seats, infant assemblies and tables, stands for aseptic wash basins, mobile screens, pass-through windows, etc.

2/ Gastronomic equipment

- All-stainless steel work tables, washing tables with welded-in moulded sinks, box-type tables and overhead cabinets, stainless or varnished trolley tables with moulded plateaus, stainless shelves, trolleys for gastro-trays, stainless wash basins, stainless trays, salad saucers, meat saucers, etc.

The company focuses predominantly on satisfying the customer as much as possible, on providing high-quality products and on gradual upgrading to foreign suppliers.

Our stainless products have been assessed by the Chief Public Health Officer of the Czech Republic and approved by the State Medical Institute in Prague.

To ensure the high quality of products, the ISO 9001:2009 quality management system was introduced in 2003 and recertified by the world renown company CLPR in 2013.